Message from the President & CEO
The TCS Group,
Aiming for gurther growth and development

Since the foundation of Tokyo Computer Service (TCS) in 1971-right at the dawn of software development era in Japan-we at TCS Group have always worked as a pioneer opening up the front lines of the industry, and have offered the best solutions in many areas in today's information society.

In recent years, in addition to the enhancement of conventional software development and the system integration business, we have conducted an aggressive M&A strategy to acquire companies including manufacturers offering information and image-related equipment, hardware development and manufacturing, precision measuring equipment, development, design and sales of CAD systems and trading companies providing electronic materials and highly functional chemical products. Now, we have grown to become a company group with more than 70 companies including Mutoh Holdings Co., Ltd., listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; Sekonic Corporation, listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; and JASDAQ [Standard] market three listed companies.

We also established TCS Holdings Co., Ltd., a holding company, in October 2005. We are committed to enhance the corporate governance of TCS Group by clearly separating the execution and management of business, migrating to a system that enables a more flexible corporate governance, and promoting thorough internal controls and compliance.

The IT service industry is currently faced with the innovative and rapid changes of the times. Our company responds to advance and diversify customer needs by promoting reforms corresponding to these changes in order to deploy solution businesses specialized in a wide array of professional areas; and by developing and offering services that increase added values in terms of productivity and quality.

Because we are determined to make an all-out effort to win even greater confidence from customers by reinforcing our corporate structure with an open mind under the slogan “from a big company to the best company.”, I appreciate your continued support and business going forward.

TCS Group will make a broader contribution to society to meet your expectations.

President & CEO Yoshiyuki Takayama
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