• Management Plans
  • Role of TCS Holdings
  • 1-2-3 Plans
  • Financial Highlight
1-2-3 Plans
Since April 2000, the TCS group has been pursuing growth under our 1-2-3 plans. The numbers are labels for medium-term plans looking ahead to the next term as in "Hop Step Jump," and refer to a goal of 10,000 employees (the 1, achieved), sales revenues of ¥200 billion (the 2, achieved), and an ordinary profit of ¥30 billion (the 3, now vigorously targeted).
  • Number of employees・・・・ 10,000 (achieved in March 2005)
  • Sales revenues・・・・ ¥200 billion (achieved in March 2007)
  • Ordinary profit・・・ ¥30 billion
To reach these goals, we will promote the growth of solution businesses in specialized fields and improve productivity and quality to meet user needs in every sector, developing and providing high-quality comprehensive computing services.
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