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Role of TCS Holdings
The TCS Group: Growth in Quality and Quantity
Companies in the TCS group have a long history developing computer software and providing system integration business services. Over the last few years, we have actively promoted merger and acquisition strategies to diversify our business, bringing under our auspices a variety of enterprises, from manufacturers that develop and make hardware to trading companies that procure and supply component parts.
Shift to a Holding Company System

In the background of steady business performance improvement, in order to ensure even further growth and expansion as a comprehensive engineering group, it became the most important business challenge to evolve and strengthen the business management of the entire TCS group as well as being compliant with corporate social responsibility matters and coping with the dramatic changes of today’s business environment in more proactive way.


For this reason, Tokyo Computer Service Co., Ltd. changed its trademark brand to TCS Holdings Co., Ltd. A new company established with the original name, Tokyo Computer Service Co., Ltd. , took over our software development and system integration businesses.

We turned into a proactive group management system by centering our corporate strategies around TCS Holdings.
Reason and Purpose for Shifting to a New Corporate System

Having made the corporate split and the shift to the holding company system, TCS Holdings Co., Ltd. aims to increase the corporate value of total TCS group by clearly distinguishing corporate management and business execution to strengthen leadership functions as holding company as well as to help each business company grow by the company’s own ability to be self-operational.


In each business company, we aim to be able to improve independence & autonomy, speed of decision making, technology & originality and foster a spirit of competitiveness among the group.  By doing so, we strengthen each business company’s adaptability to the market needs, improve each company’s value and raise integration power as total TCS group.


TCS Holdings develops the strategies of affiliated companies in the TCS group including working capital partners and offers guidance and support for management of group companies’ operations. We also dedicate to develop new growth strategies, incubate new businesses and create synergy of the multi-faceted businesses by providing sales and technical supports from objectively holistic perspective. At the same time, we maintain in-group supervisory systems that ensure adherence to pre-determined rules, and develop external communications and investor-relation systems, thereby ensuring highly transparent corporate governance of the TCS group.


 In addition, TCS Holdings provides group financing and aims to provide most optimized resource allocation from strategic perspective by discovering, developing and assigning human resources.  We also vigilantly apply legal mechanisms to ensure proper control over manufacturing obligations and intellectual property rights. In these ways, we ensure the optimum allotment of management resources within the TCS group, including assets, human resources and intellectual properties, and promote efficient management of the group's affairs and maximizes our corporate value.
Our Logo
To mark our shift to a holding company system, we created a logo representing the new identify of TCS Holdings and the TCS group.
The dark blue letters create a feeling of strength and momentum, expressing the ideals Robust, Upright and Vigor, which have been part of our corporate culture since the company was founded.
The three horizontal lines represent a prestigious corporate presence offering software, hardware and service, each with its own distinguishing features. The lines also emphasize our willingness to offer optimum solutions.
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